19 June, 2010

Raavan – As I See It

Raavan “Ten heads. Ten minds. A hundred voices. One man.”
Dear Mani Ratnam, but where is THE MAN? If I can be ruthless in criticizing, I would prefer to say “the hero wasn’t man  enough.” (In the Hindi version…)
Abhishek irritates. As Raavan.
I grew up listening to Amma reading out stories from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. I would choose Raavan over Rama any time, for I believe he is a man who followed his heart. A man of madness and devotion. After all, that is what a real man should be, NO? :)

05 June, 2010

Karthik Calling Karthik - As I See It

I brought this movie at Planet M without much expectations, because of it's ill-fate at the box office. And it got added to the list of movies which were not fared well at box office but surprised me. Full paisa vasool.