31 March, 2010

UP - As I See It

Get this first - DO NOT call it a cartoon. This is an animation. The story can be better told by computer generated sequences and so it is told that way. Because of the graphical content we never called Avatar or Matrix a cartoon. Give this genre the respect it deserve and call it an animation and not cartoon. Thank You...

23 March, 2010

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya - As I See It

I liked the movie, right from the title - Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa... Will you come down ( for me ) from the sky... Wow... Do I need to tell more what the movie is about...

Yes, the movie is about Love. Romantic - the way Love always is... Silly, straight, complete, pure, crazy, with only one mantra in the mind - Love... The way it begins, it grows and all show the stupidly beautiful Love... And made me completely drowned in the movie...

19 March, 2010

Love Aaj Kal – As I See It

love-aaj-kal “Es film ki ek nayi angle hai!” (= This movie has got a new or rather different angle!)
The incurable-dreamer-of-love in me enjoyed the movie, despite the criticism that preceded it. I’m not here to debate on what is Indian and what is Western when it comes to attitudes or lifestyle. I also have no intentions whatsoever to preach what morality or infidelity is. Instead, I attempt to ponder on why we are what we are portrayed as, in this movie!

15 March, 2010

3 Idiots - As I See It

It's been a while this movie was released and we watched it. It was not in my movies-to-watch-at-theater list. Not because I was prejudice that it will not be worth, but because I know that it was a movie I will watch over again, so I wanted to get it on DVD, which will be good for repeated watch. When everyone of my friends has watched it and were happy with it, every newspaper and website giving it 5 star ratings, it was tough to resist the temptation. Even after my sister called me to say how much she enjoyed it ( it was the first Hindi movie she ever watched at theater ) I hold on. I was in the queue to buy ticket for Ishqiya when my Jeeju called me to say that he and my sister is going to watch it for the second time. Enough ! I bought the overpriced 3 Idiots ticket instead of Ishqiya. And no regrets about it....