12 December, 2012

You've Got Mail - Great Cyber Friend Can Be Real :)

Directed by : Nora Ephron
Studio : Warner Bros.
Starring : Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan

Well, this is fairly an old movie. I mean, released in 1998 makes it a good 14 years old. To me, the movie is more clearer and close to life now! When I watched it during engineering, email was very new thing and the ‘expensive’ dial-up browsing was so rationed that having a chat friend or, even visiting a chatroom was a remote possibility. Later, once it becomes less expensive and I got more of it, I too had my share of cyber friends, so much that I got enough things to put in a story ;)

It is not anonymous cyber friends who made me glued to mail. My Love and I used to send quite a few ( which continues after marriage for good, I mean, a lot of things are better explained in writing! ).

There is a charm in the anonymous cyber friend mails. The charm which didn’t lose even after meeting in person. On the other and,
this not knowing has its charms too.
Just like the characters of the movie realizes. Can be open, confident and with no strings attached. If the other leaves you seeing your true colour, just let him go, and look for another. The chance of meeting again is so less and there is hardly any baggage left :) How easy it is to open up to a faceless friend ;)

Or it could be warm, close friendship which means a lot. Like,sharing the deepest fear.  Never being shy to ask for help or suggestions when needed. Not seeing face to face means, we can be ourselves without bothering about how the other reacts to our body language or expressions! Well, if you are not video chatting! 

Without knowing the person personally (!) being able to connect, advice,  listen, build friendship… I like the way Kathleen was able to overcome being tongue-tied when she is provoked. She keeps thinking, what she should have told then, at the right moment… Unknowingly and unintentionally Joe help her grow out of it. Growing up personally too – through the cyber friend ;) I like it. I like the way their friendship grow that, by the end of the movie Kathleen so wanted the anonymous chat friend to be Joe..

This is for the ones who wait impatiently as their computer connects, go online , breath catches in the chest until they hear three little words: "You've got mail"

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  1. This tremendous movie won hearts of many audience. The movie is filled to edges with a positive , and, despite some naivety and predictability, it always lightens mood and loads with the positive. Especially in this movie there is a wish to note Meg Ryan which is madly charming and organic in the role.
    It is the light and sincere movie about love in which there is a wish to believe. Such movies do us better and awaken only the most high qualities in the person. The movie gives hope of that, as to you that love and that person who really suits you will meet. Melodious music does this movie such house, cozy and warming that it is impossible to come off viewing. It is the romantic comedy for all times in spite of the fact that the office equipment left far forward. Fans of this genre on advantage will estimate this movie. Surely look at it if you never before it didn't look!


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