02 June, 2013

Maryan ( Music ) ::: Rahman Uninhibited

Maryan is Rahman uninhibited! I mean when Rahman is not constraint tightly to the medium - the masala movie. Though the songs are woven around the theme of the movie, it is not restricting him much. And the surprise element is Rahman is contributing to the lyrics department too :) Though I see his name on the Satyameva Jayte credits as writer, for a movie, it was a pleasant surprise. And man, the songs he co-written are awesome! Let's listen to the songs one by one...


1. Nenjae Ezhu

Lyrics : Kutti Revathi, A. R. Rahman    
Singer : A. R. Rahman

Rahman show. In every bit of it. I found myself sings with the chorus at the first time itself... That is something, especially when the song is not made into a generic format. It is really a mood lifting song and no way one can ignore it. Definitely to stay in the playlist for a long time.

2. Innum Konjam      
Lyrics : Kabilan, A. R. Rahman    
Singers : Vijay Prakash, Swetha Mohan

If you liked Moongil Thottam from Kadal, this will take you to the next step of its mood. The cute, naughty, jovial song is for all the lovers our there :) And Rahman gives his writing arm on this too.. Hhmm...

3. Naetru Aval      
Lyrics : Vaali    
Singers : Vijay Prakash, Chinmayee

Adiye, was the special song in Kadal and it is Neatru Aval for Maryan. It is different from what you heard before. I mean the treatment. And yes, Chinmayee proved her might once more. When she whispers the song, it definitely will make you glued to it...

4. Sonapareeya      
Lyrics : Vaali (Rap lyrics: Sofia Ashraf)    
Singers : Javed Ali, Haricharan, Nakash Aziz

The celebration song. And it is for everyone. It was my 4 year old cousin's turn to sing with the chorus at the first time with this :) He can not stop singing Ole Oyyale... Instant hit.

5. Enga Pona Raasaa      
Lyrics : Kutti Revathi, A. R. Rahman    
Singer : Shakthisree Gopalan

How can the dreamy, sleepy, dusky voice be used differently... If Nenjukkulle was a surprise use of Shakthisree Gopalan, this proves that she is no one-piece wonder. This song is especially liked in my lone drive :) Come fall in Love with this song.

6. I Love My Africa      
Lyrics : Brian Kabwe, Blaaze    
Singers : A. R. Rahman, Blaaze, Madras Youth Choir

This is directly from OST. I liked the sound of it. The wild beats. What more can I say about it ! 

7. Kadal Raasa Naan      
Lyrics : Dhanush    
Singer : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Is it the same guy who penned Kolaveri Di ? Or is it the singer surprised more ??? Yuvan Shankar Raja for Rahman. And it shows. A different song and surprisingly soulful lines by Dhanush. Though the Komban Sura lines been a bit egoistic, a bit into the song and it translates into the fragile guys song.

Altogether, it is an album going to stay in my playlist for a while. Well, it doesn't mean I am going to remove Kadal, this will play along with it. And Raanjhanaa, Rahmanji, I can not ask too many boons from you so quickly :) And I am not complaining....


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