20 August, 2012

Black Swan - Intense, Sad And Haunting

Directed by : Darren Aronofsky
Starring : Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis
Distributed by : Fox Searchlight Pictures

The story may be about split personality or the agony and tragedy of a perfectionist or the story of a girl who fight against all odds to prove herself. I got another viewpoint about the movie. The stress and pain one goes through at work!

Black Swan is about the story of  Nina  who dreams about making big in ballet. Her dream comes true ( almost ) when she got the opportunity to portray the role of the Swan Queen. The role got both shade of a person - innocent, vulnerable White Swan and the sensual, bold Black Swan. While Nina is a natural being White, Black is something she needs to find.

The director of the ballet, Thomas has a choice for Black - Lily. Whom he wants Nina to outshone, to prove that she is the better choice. Poor Nina works all night all day, even in dreams, to emulate it. In the end - though she succeeds in a terrific performance, she lost herself.

Remember the cartoon where a cock lay an egg a day in fear of appraisals and the manager expected it to lay two eggs... The movie, I will say, got such a theme, but based on human with an artistic background. The boss who 'pushes you to break the envelope', or the peer pressure, or simply the need to prove oneself when the pride is been questioned... Everybody might have faced it. It all depends how long and how much one care to take it to...

There is one scene when Nina dance late to night and the pianist walk out saying he got a life. Nina still wanted to practice. Begging him to stay. For her, life and the dance was no two. Obsessed with work ( even though it might be on art ). And that ruined her.

In the movie the director wanted Nina to stop being a perfectionist and lose herself in the role. Interestingly in the time management course in my company also encourage us not to be a perfectionist! The work may need only 80% perfection and if you want to make it 100, you might be wasting a lot of time and effort, which may not add value to it! Strange corporates... In the movie too, the director was more worried about the company. Nina was to replace an established, talented dancer. For him, as long as Nina does the job good, he will be happy. And in case Nina fails, he got back-up. Business first...

Well, these was the things came to my mind watching the movie. It was nice one. What the director wanted to tell, he told it well. We will be touched and disturbed by Nina's tragedy. Too bad she didn't read the signs or there was nobody to stop her from her fate...


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