15 December, 2012

Kadal ( Music Review ) – This Sea Is Salty And Sweet

Director : Mani Ratnam
Music : A R Rahman
Lyrics : Vairamuthu & Karky

Magic happens whenever A R Rahman joins hands with Mani Ratnam. I think there is more than harmony, understanding, freedom and all. They make music FOR the movie. Its story, its soul in mind. Rather than a defined prescription – one shava shava song, one drama song, one patriotic etc. And it shows. If the soundtrack has so much to tell about the movie, what will be there in the movie Mani Ratnam picturise… Let us go to the music for the time being :)

01 - Chithirai Nela - Vijay Yesudas
This is the opening track. Introduction to Kadal, and it opens with a baby wakes up crying… Wow… The song is presented with very less instruments and when they are in, they keep a low, soothing tone. May be that’s the best way to give us the musical experience of Kadal… Vijay Yesudas has sung it so smooth and low that it justifies the idea and a completely new him sounds in it.

02 - Adiye - Sid Sriram
The freshness of Kadal is not limited to the way the music made. The singers, most of them fresh to Rahman, gives it a new feel. Sid Sriram sounds so fresh and his style has a rare depth and high! And the kept-low background and chorus makes it shine better. Can it be called a jazz or blues style – I don’t know. But this is the kind of song you will repeat in your headphone. The chorus is going to stick on your tongue – Adiye Adiye, Ennai Enge Nee Kootti Porai..

03 - Moongil Thottam - Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini
The songs in this album made to touch soul than ears! This song emphasizes it again. This is the first time I hear or at least notice Abhay and his voice is just fine for this song. Harini, just done another of her best song with Rahman, and her voice presentation is so different that you need to read it to believe it is her! Ithu Pothum Enakku, Ithu Pothume, Verenna Venam, Nee Pothume…

Click here for the Lyrics and English Translation of the song

04 - Elay Keechaan - A.R. Rahman
Well, this singer sounds familiar! I think it is a kind of funny song with a pleasant and kind of naughty tune. Though I didn’t get most of the words, I liked the way they rhymed !

05 - Nenjukkulle - Shakthisree Gopalan, A.R. Rahman
The star comes at no.5 ! When I heard it at the first time at MTV Unplugged, it got all my attention at once. We reached the channel just as the song started and I was not able to catch the introduction. For someone who claims to know every song ( Hindi and Tamil at least ) of him, it was a surprise. I tried to Google the lyrics and was disappointed. Then I heard about it – in news… that it is going to be a viral hit and all… Compared to the unplugged version,  this has added sounds, of instruments and Rahman’s humming (?). Makes it sound fresh. Though keep the unplugged for the luxury of the feeling of her singing only for you ;)
06 - Anbin Vaasale - Haricharan Seshadri
When they tell a story about Kadal, how a song to God can be omitted… This is it. Or at least that is what I got from the lyrics!

07 - Magudi Magudi - Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Chinmayee,Tanvi Shah
Theme music. This time the mood changes to heavy, strong, intense one. Interestingly there is a whole one minute silence in the track. And Rahman acknowledges it in his twitter page. Here comes a man who does not believe, with delivery his responsibility ends... Thanks for being the role model again Rahman...
That 1-minute silence in Magudi is unacceptable... Thanks for bringing it to our notice...

Altogether, in the world of gimmicks claims to be experiment and different album, this one surely does it. Don’t miss it.


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