31 March, 2010

UP - As I See It

Get this first - DO NOT call it a cartoon. This is an animation. The story can be better told by computer generated sequences and so it is told that way. Because of the graphical content we never called Avatar or Matrix a cartoon. Give this genre the respect it deserve and call it an animation and not cartoon. Thank You...

This movie, just like any other Pixar movies, celebrates life, Love and friendship. The fantasy world that the story creates is beautiful. It is basically about the adventure and fun of living the life you always dream of, keeping the promise you gave to your loved ones, however tough it might seems to., and keeping the personal things between yourself - do cross your heart now :)

The best part of the movie is the first 10 minutes. You will feel like everything is told by then and what remains... The boy meet girl, liked each other, grow adult to get married, growing old romantically and loose one with time. IN TEN MINUTES... But it was magical. Especially when they came to know that they can not have kids, and the way both comfort and complement each other. You won't be alone filled with emotions by then ;)

The boy, Carl is not among the one who changes with time. He lived in his old fashioned home while all around him skyscrapers were coming up. It was when he started to get invitations to join the old age home that he realises his quest for adventure and it is the time to fulfil the promise he gave to the wife he always loved.

The girl, Ellie, always dreamed of going to the Paradise Falls in the lost world of South America ( South America is like America, but Sssooouuuutthh ! ). And making a home just above the falls. They always saved money to buy the tickets to there. ( Isn't it fun and fulfilling to have you and your soul mate sharing the same dream and work towards it...). The idea of Ellie's Adventure book is awesome. From childhood she fills it with the things she wants to do when she gets to the falls. In the end when Carl saw that the life she shared with him was her adventure, we all will be moved. If tears filled your eyes, it's ok. When you feel that you are the world to your spouse, what more you will need... Yes being with your Loved one is the greatest adventure...

What we miss is Ellie's Adventure Book. We plan life. But the plan is limited to the financial part of it. We all plan and work hard and save to secure our future, financially. But the silly little things we need to make it worth always misses... However childish or insane anybody will call my plans, I dream more of the silly things I want to do than securing my life financially. What is the point in planning all life and living not a moment of it enjoyingly. And when we start to live the life we want we will discover that it is the utmost happiness and there is more and more to explore and enjoy in life...

The boy and girl had one interest in common when they were kids, The Spirit of Adventure and it's showman . Both wants to grow up to be like him. And by the climax of the story the reappearance of him and his inventions ( like the dog mind reader ) and his specially trained dogs are very thoughtful. But deep inside he is someone who is addicted to his stardom and he will do anything to get his stardom back. The little boy who join Carl in his trip to Paradise Falls teaches us a few lesson of friendship, Love towards the nature and most importantly, holding on to the plan whatever may happen.

Enjoy the movie, plan something for yourself. Something you always want to do but was postponed thinking it may not be the right time for it, or what the world may think of it, or whatever the excuse you happily believed in. Start living the life you dream of. good Luck. Cross your heart ;)

' It is the end of my adventure. Now, go have your own.... '


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